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Quantum Suicide is an upcoming visual novel computer game created by Cotton Candy Cyanide. The game's story is set in the year 2117 on the Everett, a spaceship dispatched from Earth twenty-five ago for the purpose of finding humanity a new, viable planet to inhabit and populate. Quantum Suicide will feature branching paths, multiple romance options, and more than thirty endings. Cotton Candy Cyanide has released a playable demo for the game.

The protagonist, depending on player choice, is either a male or female researcher/quantum scientist who recently came aboard the ship under mysterious circumstances. The overall mission of the Everett's crew is imperiled by a deadly corruption of the ship's A.I system. The corruption of the A.I. has resulted in the craft's artificial intelligence demanding all crew members participate in "The Deletion Game," a weekly event that compels participants to engage in a game of life, death, and survival.[1]

Besides the protagonist, Quantum Suicide features ten other characters, most of whom serve key roles as crew members in facilitating the Everett's mission. They include Kimiko Yukimori, the ship's Captain, Shizuka Himura, the Linguistics Officer and a Navigator, Medical Officer Beatrix Vogel, Nikolas Vogel, another Medical Officer and twin of Beatrix, the Agricultural Engineer Katashi Ikari, Mechanical Engineer Yoshiki Sasaki, Vladimir Mishchenko, a brilliant scientist who is one of the few remaining original crew members and the father of Melody, an unnamed Navigation Officer, Melody, a young girl who carries around a plush dinosaur and is the daughter of Vladimir and the unnamed Navigation Officer, and the A.I., an artificial intelligence system aboard the Everett that projects itself in the form of a human woman via soft light hologram.


The Everett has many rooms and sections that the player explores and interacts with during the course of the game. Some of these areas are the Protagonist's Quarters, the Kitchen, the Medical Bay, the Baths, the Eco Lounge, the Gym, and the Engineering Bay.


Fans of the game and those who anticipate playing it are known as Quantumers.

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